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PT Indo Invent is a company having set of objectives and frame work targeting mining areas and possible recovery through mining areas in the form of useful material. The useful material then later can be upgraded or processed to manufacture product(s). The ore through mining areas are mainly having metal content. Through metallic ore, pure metal or other metal products can be manufactured. The company PT Indo Invent (PTII) shall be a mining and manufacturing company in the field of mainly metals.


Mechanical Engineer having experience of over 30 years in the field of metal and other extractions. He is also involved in research activities regarding suitability of mining locations with respect to long term performance. Starting from research he is capable of project selection, establishment and its operation.

shantilal T vora
shantilal T vora Mechanical Engineer


Environmental Planner and Engineer having experience of over 15 years in the selection of industrial projects. He is also involved in search of suitable mines. Other than these he is involved in getting all types of permissions required for the investment project to operate.

Jagdish Verma
Jagdish Verma Environmental Planner and Engineer


He is having experience of over 12 Years in the mining and industrial survey activities. He is also involved in procurement, sale and other important operational activities related to mining and industries.

Rajesh Sharma
Rajesh Sharma Real Estate Expert


She is a qualified Chemical Engineer with special interest in project feasibility.

Leena Verma
Leena Verma Chemical Engineer